Our History

Our parent company, MTS, started 53 years ago as Motor Trade Selection.

A market leader in automotive recruitment in the UK and around the world, we have been used to dealing with individuals at all levels. We have given some of the most successful senior executives career advice and support.

Since then our business has expanded considerably, offering clients support in their HR operations and in structuring some of the most successful teams.


Outplacement can cost a lot less than you think, from simple programmes to help with CV creation to integrated, 3 week courses designed to turbo charge employees return to the job market.

We put two, long serving employees through the Workagain programme when we had to make cuts. We were delighted to see they were back in work in no time, looking forward to big new challenges. Thank you for your support!

We have recruited at all levels for over 50 years. And we have also delivered highly effective support to jobseekers, for the past 15 years through our outplacement programs.

So when the economy changed dramatically at the start of 2020, we decided that Workagain had to be launched. Focused on job seekers needs, we give them the confidence and the tools to compete effectively in today’s job market.

Whether we are dealing with a large redundancy programme, or an individual preparing themselves for their next career move, we can offer the complete solution.

A properly structured programme improves a job seeker’s chance of re-employment. Dramatically.

Using a combination of cutting edge, online technology and one to one sessions with a real person, we can guide each individual through a competitive market place and challenging recruitment processes.

Through our HR connections, we now serve many sectors, with equally impressive and inspiring results. All testimonials and case studies on this site are real, from real people. And we are proud and delighted with the results we have had.

Given the unfortunate circumstances of being out of a job & wanting to get back out there having the help and guidance of both Jo & Guy to brush up my CV & sharpen up my interviewing skills has helped me find the perfect placement who actually approached me because of my CV.  It goes to show that you just have to make yourself attractive enough to get the ball rolling to make your next big move. Super grateful for the support and guidance given & regular communication along the way. Thanks guys!  


Area Sales Manager

Jo and Guy from Workagain are quite simply amazing at what they do. I would recommend them wholeheartedly and am so grateful for what they’ve helped me to achieve. When I first talked to them I had one particular company on my hit list but I’d never managed to get an interview with them despite many attempts. Here I am less than a month later and I start with that company on Monday. I also had 3 other job offers! Jo wrote me a new CV and coached me throughout my whole job seeking process. Jo remembered every single detail I ever told her about my interviews and was genuinely interested in talking through each and every detail with me. Working with Guy and Jo has been such a pleasure, really lovely, knowledgeable people with excellent advice, tips and resources. I’d suggest that anyone looking to change careers/employers gives them a call!


Marketing Specialist

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for being so professional and friendly in your communications with me in the last few weeks. My CV is now something I can be proud of.


Sales Consultant

I was unfortunately put into a position of redundancy due to COVID-19 and therefore resulting in a internal group restructure. Originally, I had been with my last business for 20yrs and had completely lost touch with correct CV and interview skills. Jo totally turned the original CV that I had put together upside down and so we started all over again. Her criticisms were so true and she found the ‘real me’. I cannot thank her enough for her support, professionalism and more importantly her tenacity.


Business Development Manager

Being back in the job market is never easy, especially in the current climate of a pandemic. However, working closely with Jo and Guy who have; provided professional support to help improve my CV, cleverly enhanced my on-line profile and patiently practised up-to-date interviewing techniques with me. All of which has been refreshing and provided a real confidence boost to get on with a new career search.


General Manager

I would highly recommend this service, it has transformed my outdated CV that I would always question before submitting for a new role "will this CV give the correct impression of my skills and experience" I can tell you it didn't but having Nova sprinkle some magic all over it, I am now confident that it will hit mark. Thank you Nova.



With over 30 years working in the automotive industry and a wealth of experience my CV had got cluttered with my past achievements and I had lost focus on what was important to prospective employers, Following an in depth consultation with the team at Workagain the results of my re written CV are stunning and the feedback and opportunities that I am now getting are truly inspiring. I can’t recommend the service and the team highly enough.


Senior Automotive Manager

I can't fault Johanna’s service. Her knowledge and experience were invaluable and her attention to detail was superb. Her willingness to go over the CV again and again in order to get it 'spot on' was great, taking time to reconstruct my average CV, transforming it to a very compelling CV, which has now got the attention so longed for. Johanna really took a genuine interest in my job search offering me some valuable job advice. The service is professional and constructive I can't recommend workagain's service enough !


Senior Automotive Manager

After finding myself being made redundant for the first time in over 30 years, I needed a professional and “to the point” CV to start applying for new roles. I found it incredibly difficult to condense such a long period of time into less than 4 pages of A4, way too long for a recruiting manager to read, it was enormous in fact! After a couple of very detailed and searching conversations with Jo (which were tougher than some interviews I’d had in the past!), I’m delighted with my new 2-page CV. There’s no way I could have managed this. It’s early days, but I now have the confidence to send this off in the knowledge that it says what it needs to, is totally accurate, and leaves the reader wanting to know more about me.  Thanks Jo..!


Training Manager

After sadly being made redundant from a new role in July 2020, I was really struggling with receiving responses from employers. In a very competitive job market due to COVID-19, I had applied for upwards of 60 jobs and had only received 2 replies. I knew I needed help as this was very unusual for me. I had a call with Guy from Workagain, and he immediately pointed out some very simple reasons why my CV wasn’t being noticed and how to change them. He also helped me reformat my entire CV and change the way my key responsibilities and achievements were written down. He made some very interesting and useful points which made me really think about how I should be advertising myself as a strong candidate for the roles I was applying for. Once I had reworked my CV with Guys help, I was receiving more responses for roles I applied for and even had recruitment agencies contacting me about new roles. After roughly 2 months, I had accepted a new role which was so exciting and such a relief! Thanks Guy for all your help, and I would recommend Workagain’s services to anyone struggling to secure a new role.


Marketing Specialist

Johanna was able to put 35 years of working in complex industries in to relevant detail that showed my achievements and abilities. I felt the end result delivered a CV that stood out and conveyed in a way what recruiters want to see. I am very happy  with the process she took me through to get the results I wanted.


Senior Parts Specialist

Unexpectedly found myself in the job market and with the COVID situation, I was worried about job hunting and my confidence was very low. After a complete CV overhaul, practice interview with Guy, feedback, assessments and talking through strategies helped me refocus and rebuild my confidence. A few weeks on, after a first very difficult phone call with Johanna, I've secured 3 interviews, resulting in 2 job offers delivered! Can't recommend or speak highly enough of Workagain, it's all in the name.


Production Planner

If you want your CV to really show off a true reflection of your career then let Jo bring this to life for you!  A quick, easy 30 minute conversation with Jo was all that was needed and I have a CV that I am confident in presenting to any potential employer. I thoroughly recommend this service to anybody who sees this as one of those jobs they will get round to but never does...  Let the experts do this for you! Quick, easy and the result is a CV to be proud of!


Senior Automotive Manager

Finding myself in the job market for the first time in over 10 years, along with all the uncertainty with Covid was certainly daunting. The relaxed, compassionate and focused approach with developing my CV, highlighting the skills and selling points. The interview coaching which greatly helped with my confidence throughout the interview process.  All your help, helped secure my new role. Thank you so so much.


Planning Manager

I was over the moon with the excellent service that I received from Nova Huggins at Workagain. The consultation was very thorough and I felt more positive about my future after the guidance and support I received. The CV was extremely professionally written and I was involved and consulted on throughout the whole process. I would definitely use the service again when I need a CV again.


Sales Executive

Just a note to say you were right, this is your field. Seriously, that is amazing and I am overwhelmed how great you have made my CV look now.


Automotive Specialist

I asked Johanna Jenks at Workagain to look at my CV which I thought looked a bit stale. My revised CV is far better and really impactful! I've had some great feedback on it, including from our recruitment team, who really know what they are talking about. Thank you I am really pleased with the end result.


Senior Automotive Manager

Just had my interview with Guy Liddall, it was amazing!! So helpful to me and has instilled me with a confidence I was lacking!! Thank you both so very much for all of your help, it is very much appreciated and I now feel very excited about the future!!!


Accounts Assistant

As most people accept, first impressions count. With the current job market becoming increasingly competitive and with the added negative influence of Covid-19 I wanted to make sure my CV has immediate impact to help get that important first interview. I have known Johanna Jenks at Workagain professionally for a few years now and I know I can trust her judgement as she has many years of success in the recruitment field and knows what her clients look for from candidates that apply for the positions she has been recruiting for. She has helped to focus on my most relevant success's and to keep my CV concise but also engaging and professional. She also gave me good advice based on feed back I gave her. I would not hesitate to recommend Workagain's CV writing service to anybody wanting to increase the impact of their CV's.


Senior Manager, SE Asia

I was finding it really difficult to identify and properly represent my strengths and most notable achievements on my CV. I was really struggling to be accepted for interviews and often being approached for far more junior positions as a result of my CV not representing me effectively. Guy was really helpful and gave me tailored advice specific to my industry as well as a completely restructured and segmented CV guidance. I have since been complimented on by numerous potential employers on the clear and results orientated layout of my CV. I have just accepted a position at a fantastic company as a result of the expert consulting and bespoke experience I received, big thank you to Guy and his team for putting me on the right path.


Digital Marketing

Thank you so much for the help you gave me with my CV. It looks really impressive and I have had quite a high volume of job interviews even in the current climate, albeit by telephone, and I have been offered a job!!


GP Surgery Reception

You have assisted me in developing and refining my CV over the last few years. Prior to me seeking new opportunities, you always provided excellent advice and guidance which has aided me in procuring initial interviews through stand-out CV's. In many cases it was instrumental in getting the job that I applied for.


IT Project Manager

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