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Assessment Centres

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Assessment centres are used by many employers, especially for management roles.

What assessment are you likely to encounter? How should you approach the day? Are other attendees colleagues or competitors?

Going into such an unnatural environment is unnerving for many. And even when successful, candidates often say it was the hardest they’ve ever worked in their life.

They are certainly an established part of the recruitment landscape. And unless you treat them with the respect that the assessors expect, you will almost certainly fail before you have started.

Familiarity with the type of tests you are likely to encounter, practising some of the more difficult techniques and preparing a short presentation are probably essential. Getting each of these right, while learning how to inter-react with the group will score highly

This training module includes

  • Assessment centre training manual with indicators on the most common tests and tasks
  • Preparing a presentation. Practical guidance on effective presentations in a pressurised environment
  • Business scenario exercises, including accounts interpretation and problem solving
  • Understanding what assessors are looking for
  • Balancing assertiveness and teamwork

While some may question the benefits of assessment centres in the recruitment process, others remain absolutely committed to the idea. Learning how to perform effectively in such environments is a key part of any career strategy.