Alex is a highly successful digital marketing specialist. He understands the environment, is extremely computer literate highly creative and knows how to put effective presentations together.

He had applied all of this knowledge to his CV. And while it looked very attractive it was not doing the right job for him in the recruitment market. There were too many messages going on, it was not focused enough on his undoubted achievements and it was difficult for people to understand exactly what he did.

We completely rewrote his CV, laying it out in a “machine friendly” fashion, that allowed modern recruitment systems to read it logically.

We are pleased to say that he quickly found himself back in the market, but receiving plenty of positive responses.

Alex’s Testimonial

“I was finding it really difficult to identify and properly represent my strengths and most notable achievements on my CV.

I was really struggling to be accepted for interviews and often being approached for far more junior positions as a result of my CV not representing me effectively. Guy was really helpful and gave me tailored advice specific to my industry as well as a completely restructured and segmented CV guidance.

I have since been complimented on by numerous potential employers on the clear and results orientated layout of my CV. I have since accepted a position at a fantastic company as a result of the expert consulting and bespoke experience I received, big thank you to Guy and his team for putting me on the right path”