Interview effectively and you will never be short of a job. Especially if you have a properly prepared CV!

Why not combine the two – a complete CV writing service, targeted to your industry and the very best interview coaching that you can find.

Being able to express your undoubted talents, your strengths, areas of interest and what you can add to an organisation is a skill in itself. Let us help you do that effectively in writing and face to face.

Creating your CV means an in depth consultation, follow-up emails to confirm the basic details and we will either review and rewrite your current document, or create one from scratch.

Our interview course will not only prepare you for an online interview, it will make you do one and like it or not, you will get detailed feedback. Allowing you to confidently tackle any online interview in the future, and improve your face-to-face technique as well.

This package includes:

  • In depth phone consultation for CV
  • Initial draft within two working days of consultation
  • Unlimited alterations until it is right
  • Final document in Word, Google Docs and PDF format
  • Further revisions for three months
  • One-hour interview with a senior consultant, exploring your career, the way you present yourself and how you focus on your strengths and the value you can bring.
  • Full debrief with an experienced consultant with an action plan for your next interviews.

And we will keep a copy of your CV for you as long as you require, in case you ever need to re-revisit it.

Bonus material

  • Link to personal review and “career audit”
  • Workagain’s interview guide
  • Workagain’s guide to assessment centres