Myth – Outplacement is expensive

It can be! But we have structured our packages for employers to start from as little as £149.

Some are happy just to give CV writing support to the departing employees, others want to make sure that they get a really competitive advantage back into the workplace.

We can cater for all sizes, from a CV writing package for just one employee to a fully integrated 3 week course for 100. The choice is yours, but the benefit to your reputation and to your ex-colleagues normally far outweighs the investment.


Outplacement can cost a lot less than you think, from simple programmes to help with CV creation to integrated, 3 week courses designed to turbo charge employees return to the job market.

We put two, long serving employees through the Workagain programme when we had to make cuts. We were delighted to see they were back in work in no time, looking forward to big new challenges. Thank you for your support!

Myth – People who are leaving are of no concern

They had better be. In an increasingly litigious world a disaffected employee who remains out of work has plenty of time to think. And plenty of no win, no fee offers to consider.

Whereas an ex-employee who is focused on the future, or even better back in work, will have lots to thank you for. And even if they decide later they might have a go at their old employer, just by being back in work will limit their claim.

Looking after your leavers in a proper, dignified way says much about your organisation.

Myth – We want to focus on current staff

Do you think that people who stay behind do not care about those who have left? Perhaps they see how others have been treated and think they could be next.

By all means take care of those that remain. They will need support and confidence if there have been cuts and redundancies. But seeing a company that looks after everyone, that values them all as individuals and is committed to helping them, allows everyone to move forward quickly and positively.

Besides, supporting your people is the right thing to do.

“Thank you so much, you really know your job.”

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