From day one we have one focus – to make sure that each job seeker is looking forward. Looking to what they can achieve in the future.

And by making them competitive in the job market we improve their chances of finding the right job for them. Sure, we get them to analyse their past successes, where their strengths lie, what transferable skills they have learnt. Of course we have to review their career so they can write a compelling CV that gets them noticed.

But everything has one purpose in mind – getting them back into work. It is not just the right thing to do, it makes good business sense.


Outplacement can cost a lot less than you think, from simple programmes to help with CV creation to integrated, 3 week courses designed to turbo charge employees return to the job market.

We put two, long serving employees through the Workagain programme when we had to make cuts. We were delighted to see they were back in work in no time, looking forward to big new challenges. Thank you for your support!

Effective outplacement improves a job seeker’s chance of re-employment. Dramatically.

And from the employer’s point of view, an employee who is back in work has plenty to concentrate on. And they are less likely to complain about their old employer, less likely to go to tribunal and even if they won, less likely to win a large award if they have stepped into the new job quickly.

Too many employers part company without a thought of where their former colleagues are going. Without thinking how helpful outplacement support can be.

Your current workforce

They care about their former colleagues, and they care about how they will be treated one day.

In difficult times companies have to contract, have to find the right size for their workforce. But if they have any ambition they will want to grow again as the market improves.

Retaining that loyalty, seeing right by old colleagues says much about you to your workforce and to your customers. And to your local reputation, something that you would pay a lot to bolster by marketing.

What our Outplacement Delegates say...

Being back in the job market is never easy, especially in a pandemic. Jo and Guy have provided professional support to improve my CV, enhanced my on-line profile and interviewed me. All of which has provided a real confidence boost in my new career search.


General Manager

After a complete CV overhaul, practice interview with Guy, feedback and assessments I've rebuilt my  confidence and secured 3 interviews, resulting in 2 job offers! Can't recommend or speak highly enough of Workagain, it's all in the name.


Production Planner

The relaxed, compassionate and focused approach with developing my CV, highlighting the skills and selling points. The interview coaching which greatly helped with my confidence throughout the interview process.  All your help, helped secure my new role.


Planning Manager

Just had my interview with Guy Liddall, it was amazing!! So helpful to me and has instilled me with a confidence I was lacking!! Thank you both so very much for all of your help, it is very much appreciated and I now feel very excited about the future!!!


Accounts Assistant

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