Have you been asked to prepare a presentation, but have no idea where to start? Or  have you presented before, but have not quite come across as strongly as you would like to?

We spend all our life presenting strong, effective presentations that engage our audiences. And we know and understand exactly how you should write a presentation, so it allows your own personality to come through. Particularly important in a recruitment situation.

So whether you are just setting out to find a new role, or you have had that dreaded telephone call “We would like you to prepare a presentation” you need this course. We can show you how to prepare clear effective slides, how to prepare yourself for a presentation, and if you require it we will run through your own presentation with you.

Clarity, brevity and focus are essential. We show you how to maximise your chance of success.

This module includes

  • Either creating a presentation from scratch, or analysing one that you have created
  • Constructive pointers and creative input to improve your slideshow
  • Practice at preparing and delivering a 15 minute presentation
  • Detailed documentation to refer back to in the future

So instead of blind panic, we show you how not be afraid of the need to do a presentation. How to stand out and excel in a very competitive world.