Interview effectively and you will never be short of a job. Especially if you have a properly prepared CV! While you are at it, make sure you know how to handle Personality Profiles and other tests.

So why not combine the three – a complete CV writing service, targeted to your industry, the very best interview coaching that you can find, and the ability to try out some online profiles and tests?

This is the complete executive package – a new CV, Online interview coaching, LinkedIn profile rewrite and access to a whole suite of numeracy, literacy and management profiling tests.

  • Executive CV and LinkedIn rewrite – read more
  • Online Interview Coaching – read more
  • Personality Profile Package – read more

We have been providing outplacement for many years, and advising job-seekers in many industries. Because our origins are in recruitment and HR, we have seen tens of thousands of CVs, interviewed thousands of candidates and guided hundreds of senior management careers.

Bonus material

  • Link to personal review and “career audit”
  • Workagain’s interview guide
  • Workagain’s guide to assessment centres