There’s plenty to worry about at the moment, and plenty of pressure on people who have lost their jobs, or who want to move to pastures new.

But, as top sportsmen always say, worry about what you can control, don’t waste your time and effort on what you can’t.

And one of the most elementary things to control is your spelling. You would be amazed at the number of people who do not use spell check, having typed out their CV oh so carefully.

Of course it could be that they do use it, but profoundly disagree with the outcomes and ignore them, but I suspect not.

Here are three of my favourite words that get spelt incorrectly:

  • Curriculum Vitae: It literally means “The way or course of life”. But most people just know it goes at the top of what the Americans call your Resume. Either don’t use it, or spell it correctly. It is the first thing that gets noticed.
  • Guy Liddall (Our MD): note that it is not spelt LiDL, or Liddell. (He’s not precious about it normally, as no one gets it correct unless they have read it somewhere. But the fact you didn’t bother to look it up tells me something about you, and it will definitely tell employers something).
  • Principal: Principals are sometimes heads of businesses, heads of schools or heads of retail outlets like car dealerships. They may not have many principles, that is for you to judge, but the correct spelling is Principal.

English is a difficult language to spell. Unlike many languages, we have not taken the time to work out how to do it logically, so you need the help of spellcheck.

Don’t hesitate to use it, many employers will use it as a benchmark of your literacy. In reality it just tells me how careful you are. And I would quite like careful people working for me.