There have been lots of statistics over the years, showing people the most effective way of applying for a job.

You might be surprised to learn that actually making a job application is probably one of the least effective ways. Which is why it always saddens me to hear of people who say they have made thousands of job applications with no success. My immediate thought is always, perhaps your time could have been better spent.

The last time I looked at such a survey, using recruitment consultancies, personal contacts, applying directly to HR departments with an introduction, even walking in off the street and leaving a CV provided produced far better results than applying to jobs directly.

Making job applications was only about 5% effective, compared to using personal contacts which was up around 55% and some of the other methods somewhere in between.

So if you really want to kick start your job search, speak to recruitment specialists, speak to your contacts, get back in touch with old friends, talk to companies directly. But job applications, everybody else can do that at the touch of a button, how are you going to stand out from the crowd?