How I hate that question, but I always practice it with my jobseekers, because lazy interviewers love to use it.

There are, of course, no right or wrong answers. But it is the way that you handle the question that is important. Although I would suggest that “I can never get out of bed on a Monday morning” is probably not an easy one to explain away.

In the old days, the cliched answer was “People tell me I work too hard”. But all recruiters have heard that before.

But in all honesty, we all know we have a weakness in our work. Or a blindspot. It may be that you get too involved in the detail, or that you start to manage those reporting to you too much, or perhaps you can never say no, or you have a tendency to leave a couple of details unfinished, because you are concentrating too much on the big picture.

Whatever the weakness you think you have, it is fine to be honest about it so long as you explain how you deal with it. Perhaps you would say “from time to time I find myself managing my people too much. But I make sure they tell me if I’m doing that, so I back off.”

Or perhaps

“I can get completely fixated on the task in hand, sometimes to the annoyance of my colleagues. But I recognised it, and asked them to tell me when I’m becoming a pain.” Or “I used to get too much into the detail, but I have learnt to leave that to others and have become much more productive as a result.”

Recognising your weaknesses and dealing with them is a real strength. Demonstrating that to employers who are trying to catch you out is a real plus. All I suggest you do is think through this question before you go to an interview, like many others, so you can deal with it effectively when you come across it, rather than hesitate rather embarrassingly and come out with something rather unconvincing or even worse shoot yourself in the foot.