When you start writing a CV the trap lots of people fall into is to produce a job description. In many roles what you do is already known.

What a recruiter wants from your application or CV is information that tells them about you, not about the role of a sales manager or receptionist. They are not going to phone the MD and say “I’ve had an application from a sales executive who seems to be in contact with customers. Just what we want”.

They all want people who can achieve, who can have a positive impact, who are reliable. What they don’t know is how many products you sell, how many people you manage, what targets you have. Whether you have achieved them.

Managers – I know you are required to maximise profit, minimise costs, hit targets, manage people, deal with suppliers. That is what you do.

Put it another way, if David Beckham put a CV together you wouldn’t see “Football is a game played between two teams of 11 players………..” He would assume the reader had some prior knowledge.

He might say “My role was to patrol the right side of midfield, tackling back where appropriate, passing to the forwards and shooting at goal when in the right part of the field” He might.

But he would be much better advised to say :

Manchester United – 265 games, 95 goals
England – 115 games, 58 as Captain, 17 goals

What he has done is quite impressive – what he was doing is pretty boring on paper.