The world of work has become quite a challenging place. Too busy for some, uncertainty and job losses for others.

Times are difficult, especially for some sectors. And sometimes high performers get particularly troubled when their employer single-handedly changes the way they are paid or rewarded. What should your first reaction be?

We speak to many who have walked out on their job because the earnings are just not there any longer. Perhaps they have been used to earning £65k to £70k, suddenly your new package will only yield £40k at best for the same level of performance. And look at the market, what chance have they got? No wonder they are upset.

But is walking out with nowhere to go the best strategy? One thing is for sure, the powers that be will not lose any sleep over it, they probably wanted to lose all of their high earners in any case.

But out of a job you will find a job much more difficult to come by, especially if everybody else is leaving in droves at the same time. It is not an easy job market.

So don’t make any hasty decisions. If you delay by a couple of months, at worse you will be only a few thousand pounds worse off, but you can use the time profitably to look for something else.

And there might be some good that comes of it – if your package has changed then so has that of your managers as well. Sometimes, for the ambitious and highly capable, there is a “last man standing” scenario. Rapid promotions in a chaotic environment.

You won’t change a boss’s mind, but you might just protect your own future, or be catapulted to the next level. So stop, think and do not act hurriedly. There will be plenty of opportunity even if it takes you a few months.