We have worked with recruiters for years, both on behalf of jobseekers and as a recruitment agency.

And for the past 14 years the message has always been the same. It is tempting not to show the salary, because you might be able to get away with paying less for the right candidate, but it is completely counter-productive.

Let me explain why. We’re speaking to lots of jobseekers are present, many of whom have gone through recruiters to their online application process for a job that looks attractive. They have attended assessment days, either online or even worse at present in person. They have been interviewed, reference checked and personality profiled. And then been offered a job at so far below what they expect to earn, because earnings have never been mentioned, that they feel insulted, and abused.

And so does the recruiter.

Even if you show a wide range of salary, it is completely counter-productive not to give your candidates any indication. It will substantially reduce the number of appropriate candidates who reply, and substantially increase the ones who are not right for you. And in today’s market, with so many applicants out there, anything you can do to reduce the number is surely worth it?

Because your ideal candidate may be somebody who is already working, they will look at it and decide there is no salary, it will probably be too high for me. Or they won’t be paying enough. Or I cannot be bothered.

But if you do show the salary, even in a wide range, people can see that it applies to them, that the level they have earned at is appropriate, that they will not be wasting their time.

And as a recruiter you can then be more choosy, knowing that every candidate who’s applied to you is not speculative, knowing that at the end of the process you’re not going to lose 50 or 60% of the people you offered because you salary package is wrong.

It is tempting to think that in the current climate you can steal someone because they have to find work. That is not the basis for a long-term mutually beneficial relationship. And if you do think you can steal someone, why not say so upfront. If they are in that situation at least they know what they going in for.

Stop wasting people’s time.