The power of networking effectively is extraordinary. Done properly people who you have known for many years can be recruited to point you in the right direction.

But we have to convince many jobseekers that it is not a full frontal assault. It is not grabbing 5000 of your closest friends and sending them a copy of the your CV and asking for a job. It is not sending them a very long message explaining your predicament, your experience and what you need.

It is about starting a very personal conversation.

And if you remember the days when we can meet people in the pub, almost months ago, think about how your conversations used to go.

If you have not met somebody for a very long time, you are unlikely to start off with a 20 minute statement, not allowing them to get a breath not allowing them to get a word in edgeways. You are not gonna make it all about you and nothing about them. Or at least that is the way you operate, you might be surprised to learn why people do not want to repeat the experience.

So networking is subtle, opening up conversations with people you haven’t spoken to for a while. Finding out how they are and asking them for a bit of help.

The all-out assault is tempting, and it saves you a lot of further contact. But it is not very effective. At the moment, especially, the human touch is difficult to achieve. But if you can do it in your networking efforts, in trying to widen your contacts on LinkedIn, in trying to leverage past acquaintances in your search for a new role, it is worth the effort.