As we speak to more and more jobseekers, they are telling us that the process of applying for a job is getting more and more complicated.

This will often happen when jobs are in short supply, and particular groups are desperate to find work. Everybody applies for the job at the same time, the only way employers have to control the flow is either make it more difficult to apply, or demand more information upon which they can filter.

But blindly sending in job applications is not the only way to find a new job. If that is your only strategy, then please think again. You may only ever have worked for large organisations, and you may feel most comfortable in that environment. But they are the ones in particular who have very well organised application processes, taking many hours in some cases to complete.

Look at other sectors, other employers, smaller organisations. Many of those will accept a direct approach. Many of those will recruit without a formal process, making it much easier to get a foot in the door.

Exploit your own network (in a good way). We all know people, many the same age of us, who are having or who have experienced the same issues. They may well know of an opportunity at work, they may be able to point you in the right direction with another colleague of theirs.

Are you looking for a permanent solution or a temporary earner to get you over the next few months? There are still plenty of short-term jobs in response to the massive expansion of some parts of the economy. Retail is opening up very rapidly at the moment, and some are predicting a boom over the next few months. Restaurants similarly.

You may have very particular career goals in mind, and those aims are laudable. But if your primary concern is paying the rent next month then somebody else might be able to provide you with that salary. Especially as we emerge from lockdown.

Just continuing to apply blindly online in the hope that something will come up may not be the best strategy. See what else there is around in the meantime, it may well surprise you. Besides, for many getting out of the house and doing something productive for a change, even in a completely different environment, is what many of us want.

Good luck!