Many people who find themselves on the job market, especially if they have been made redundant, are determined not to go backwards in their career.

And everyone can completely understand that. So they restrict themselves to jobs that are at the same level or above the one they’ve been doing. Sometimes even if this means looking at smaller organisations with much lower levels of responsibility.

How important is a job title to your career? Well it depends really how you view your chances in the market, the likelihood of finding the right thing and getting some much-needed income back into your bank account.

But if you are confident in your own ability, then in a few years time, looking through the rear view mirror, taking an interim role at a lower level, or a role at a lower level that grows into a much bigger role, will not really affect you at all. Employers will understand that 2020 and 2021 were difficult years. They will understand that somebody who was flying high in, say, the hospitality industry had to find something else.

These are testing times for many jobseekers, though there are signs that the economy is beginning to grow again. For many getting back into work and earning is more important than finding the perfect opportunity at the moment. Remember such roles can quickly grow into much bigger responsibilities, or more attractive opportunities may well appear.

The important thing is that you understand why you are doing it, and above all you do not limit your options. Talk to as many people as possible, you may be surprised how far it leads you.