We meet hundreds of people a year, in recruitment and outplacement projects. Very few do themselves justice with us; less do so with prospective employers.

Without the interview, no recruitment process would be complete. There may be other hurdles, but if you interview well you will never find it hard to get that next job. If you can do so online, even better. And in today’s environment, video interviews are the norm. But if you have never done one, and never had feedback, how can you improve?

So we have a formal half hour interview as part of many of our courses. This is conducted one-to-one online and detailed feedback is provided in another session.

  • Setting up the space
  • Preparation
  • Communication
  • Follow up

Understanding how to present yourself and interview well comes naturally to some, others have to be taught and coached. This course will make you a more confident, compelling candidate for any role.