In over two decades in recruitment, how often have I heard that? And how often have I seen some individuals rigidly sticking to that dogma, and finding that it takes longer to get back into work, or eventually they settle for something more junior.

You see when you begin your job search it is easy to get specialist, fixated on the absolutely ideal role. And half the time people who move successfully onto the next stage of their career find something they did not expect. Something that they had not considered at the outset.

So my biggest worry for jobseekers is that they try to narrow the field too much in the early days. Rather than looking at a wide range of opportunities, in different industries, they like to stick to what they know.

Now I am not suggesting that you send off 10,000 job applications in the hope that something is going to stick to the wall. But once you understand what your skills are, and which other sectors and industries might welcome those skills, then why not explore?

Apart from anything else, a job seeker who has several opportunities on the go is likely to be more confident, less pressured and a better candidate than somebody who is relying on just one opportunity.

If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself out of work, I always suggest this test; If I was still looking in three months time, would I consider this? Because if the answer is yes, then why not look at it now? You can always turn it down, you can always ask them for more money, or negotiate a better job role. But you can do nothing if you simply walk away.

Once you start getting inundated with job offers, then you can start to narrow the field. Before then speak to as many employers as possible. You never know, you might find something you like.